about us

desiBel Ajans was founded with coming together of two of the experienced names of Turkish press and communication sector; Mustafa Kutlay & Gökay Çako with the founders of Dipnot; who provided marketing communication, event & organization services; Atıl Ünal & Burak Korucu. desiBel has set up a powerful PR framework on top of Dipnot’s event and marketing communication experience which it incorporated. Thus, there came about a communications group that would provide 360 degrees communication services in real terms.

For desiBel Agency, carrying the concept of decibel (dB), the international unit for sound intensity to communication is the most fundamental parameter. While high volumes cause noise, low volumes are weak and inaudible. However beautiful it is, a sound that comes out at the wrong time could be disturbing. desiBel maintains that sound intensity should be in the right level, appropriate for the environment and audible for right and effective communication.

Believing that the needs of brands and media should be understood correctly, desiBel Agency adopts a service approach that is appropriate for both brands and media; in line with its period and creative at the same time.