With a creative and passionate approach and a highly experience and qualified team, desibel Agency provides modern, swift, target-oriented customized service for every stakeholder. Corporations that breathe in the “fresh air” provided by desiBel agency are involved in a working environment with friendship and cooperation in addition to professional approach. Aiming to share your story creatively with the public, desiBel agency intends to increase the value of corporations with content-oriented sensibility and result-based strategic approach.


  • Media Mining

    Content, content, content

    The channel in the journalist’s hand is limited and valuable. And all brands want to make their voice heard in this valuable space. Here, a good journalist should have the reflex to find the content which deserves that limited and valuable space. Ivy Ledbetter Lee who was known as the founder of public relations sector, had originated from journalism. And a journalist procured public relations to be accepted as proficiency. In other words, journalism is in the genetics of public relations proficiency. Lee has remarked that all press content should have a value with Declaration of Principles in 1906. desiBel primarily works for “valuable content” which it sees as the most important material of communication. Brands might not know the value of the content at hand for the media. Journalism originated communication agents in desiBel team have that scent reflex the most. Any detail that might seem common and routine for the brand could be a content to be carried to the headlines. We aim to find high content apart from what is provided, overlook, unobservable but that carries news value. We call this Media Mining.
  • Mind and Idea Center

    Company inside a company

    desiBel Agency believes that making a difference should be nurtured with creative, different, innovative and outlying ideas. Because of this reason, a structure was founded with names inside & outside of the company which is client-independent. Meaning, a graphic designer, an event executive, a marketing communicator and external consultants can also provide ideas and projects for the clients. Thus, possible professional bluntness of teams that work close to the clients is prevented with the client-independent structure of the Mind and Idea Center. Looking 360 at communications comes to life with the Mind and Idea Center. We believe that communication ideas that will be talked about in the PR sector will come out from this team in no time.
  • Crisis & Opportunity Mgmt.

    Foresee – Plan – Manage

    desiBel believes that success in communication lies in relationship management other than procedures. This is why crisis management is one of the ostentatious communication subjects. Minimizing the “unexpected, undetectable” attributes of crises; and correct, calm and result oriented approach, desiBel endeavors for clients to resolve crises with minimum damages.
  • Media Coaching

    Don’t be afraid of media accidents,
    but of being caught unprepared.

    Believing that a good media education should be perpetual like life coaching, desiBel renders media educations continuous with “Media Coaching”. Thus our clients feel the support of desiBel in every area touches life with media.
  • Being Ahead of Agenda

    Don’t lose touch with agenda; be
    its voice. Don’t miss the opportunities.

    Believing that right communication should not be designed independent of country & world agenda, desiBel renders services that follows the agenda closely and orientates clients accordingly. Because desiBel believes that agenda creates not only communication reflections; but also new communication opportunities.
  • Tailor Made-Team

    Team in line with the needs of the brand

    Outside of conventional agency approaches and different from available teams adjusting to the clients, desiBel adopts the approach to make up teams in line with client needs. This is why designing service teams in line with client needs is at the top of desiBel’s service principles. Another subject we give weight to is that the workload of these teams are always kept in the level that would answer to client’s needs completely, any time.
  • Presidential Office

    For leader communication

    Leader communication should be managed with a strategy and focus separate from corporate communications. Because leaders are not only the most important figures in business life; they are also so in communication. In our times, a good leader communication adds different value to the brand in the eyes of the public and other stakeholders. Meanwhile, a bad leader communication carries the risk of affecting the business lives of the brands negatively. This is the reason desiBel takes heed of leader communication with “Presidential Office” approach.
  • Award Management

    Empower sense of leadership
    with awards.

    Believing that awards are instruments that add to the social reputation of the brand, desiBel thinks that award communication should be treated as a separate communication strategy.
  • Experience

    Media-Brand-Agency Experience

    desiBel’s motto is to serve outside conventional sectorial communication approach, up to date, swift, result-oriented, 360 degrees and creatively with strong human resources of media, brand and agency experience.